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Welcome visitor in this new world that is the virtual reality.
Let’s me immerse you step by step into innovation.


14th May 2017

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VR Painting Jam

Image result for vr painting jam
14-15th January


L’image contient peut-être : texte
16th September 2016

Design Space Analytics

Image result for design space analytics
Virtual application created with Thomas Van Bouwel
12th August 2016

HakoBio VR

Virtual application created with Ouat Live Science
Nov 2015- Feb 2016
Web article/Video

Blind Little Girl

9th October 2015

Wolfenstein VR

07th July 2014

40+ Oculus Rift DK1 demo

23th July 2013

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Jams & Hacks

« One of the best way to know where is the next hackathon is to take a look at previous one ».

Montréal Hackathon

Montréal Hackathon

12-14th Mai, Montréal
Website – #UITP2017

Brussels Hackathon 2017

Brussels Hackathon 2017

28-30th April, #Hackathon #STIB
Website – #HackMyRide

Brussels Tech Care

Brussels Tech Care

21-23th April 2017, Brussels
Website – #BrusselsTechCare

Blending Game Jam 2017

Blending Game Jam 2017

31th March- 2th April 2017, Brussels
Website – #blendingjam17

Ghost In The Cell Challenge

Ghost In The Cell Challenge

25th March – 04 April 2017, Online
Website – #GhostInTheCell

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Workshops & conferences

« Knowledge worth spreading 😉 »

Abous Me

« The IT is the art of losing lots of time to save few to everybody »

Strée Eloi / 2A.M.

Virtual reality is slowly going to be bigger and bigger. It is the reason I always wear a Gear VR, or a Homido Mini, with me to let’s people experiment it 😉 !
The game jams are creative time bubbles that allow to be fully creative without the influence of the world. The perfect place to create the impossible. 😮
Life gives you the possibility to be crazy and to create weird project !
Like… create a game for blind people in virtual reality… 🙂


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Strée Eloi


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Field of expertise

« The best way to learn something is to teach it »

Innovation Researcher

Unity3D & C# Teacher

Hackathon Coach & Advisor

VR Pioneer & Evangelist

40 + Hackathons / Jams

3 years in Game Industry

48H Prototying Expert

New-Tech Workshop Maker

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