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Virtual Reality Initiation

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Amaze participants of the course on the wonders of the New World that is virtual reality. Give the basic needed to create application for Gear VR and cardboard under Unity3D for the market

The participants will be able to :

  1. Create a Gear VR application
  2. Create a cardboard application
  3. Distinguish the models of virtual reality headset
  4. Know the limits of each headset
  5. Know how to avoid virtual reality sickness
  6. Create 360 panoramic picture application
  7. Distinguish the difference between augmented, mixed and virtual reality
  8. Optimize virtual reality application for mobile under Unity3D

Access:  e-Modules (fr)

Introduction to 360 Panoramic Photography

12th April 2017

Do you wonder how 360 cameras work ?
Do you want to learn how to use them ?
Do you have questions on the subject ?

Workshop objectifs:

– What is a spherical photo ?
– How to create them with your phone & camera  ?
– The name and the details of existing spherical camera  ?
– How to use a Theta S  ?
– How to use a Panono  ?
– What are the basic skills of photography needed ?
– Where to export your photos and movies ?
– How to export your first 360 video on Youtube ?
– And lots of useful information !

Project example: here
Draft notes: here

VR Painting Jam: Artists & Hackers

15th January 2017

A-Painter, Tilt Brush, Quill are software working with virtual reality devices.
The basic idea is that it allows to users to draw in 3D space.

With the arrival of the virtual reality a new world is being explored.
Spacial virtual drawing has opened doors of a new graphic style.
If you are curious like us, you are wondering…
“Where those doors can lead us ?
Read more

VR Human session
Raphael Villegas Drawing

Website: here
Write-up: here

UC Leuven-Limburg

20th October 2016

What is Virtual reality ? What is the origin and the history ?
1 – Learn the basic of virtual reality
2 – Know the actual market
3 – Surf on the arcade wave
4 – Create your first application Hello VR

Location: UC Leuven-Limburg campus Proximus
Facebook page: here
Slide: here


Hello Gear VR
19th September

The workshop is for everybody that want to learn how easy it is to deploy an Hello Virtual World under android with the Gear VR and the Google Cardboard

  1. Brief introduction of the mobile advantages and possibilities in VR
  2. Installation of the required tools: Java SDK and Android SDK
  3. Creation and compilation of a « Hello World » APK
  4. Introduction to the native virtual reality support of Unity3D
  5. Introduction to the Google Cardboard plug-in
  6. Introduction to the Gear VR plug-in and the oSig files

Source code: here
Slide: here

More information here

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